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About Simona Guzman – Belly Dancer

.:: About Simona Guzman – Belly Dancer ::.
My name is Simona Guzman and I am a belly dancer. A belly dancer who dances to quiet and lively music, with drums and flutes. I dance the spring and the sea, the desert and the sun.

Being a belly dancer was my dream, for as long as I can remember, but I started my professional career as the "Gotex" house model.

For 11 years, I worked as a photo and runway model, appearing in some of the most prestigious exhibitions and fashion shows in the world in Dusseldorf and Paris.

I appeared in many catalogues and on many covers of esteemed fashion magazines. But…
I waited for the opportunity to realize my dream of learning how to belly dance and then, one day, I began taking Middle Eastern dance classes at the Wingate Institute and my dream became a reality – I became a belly dancer, certified to teach Middle Eastern dance.

Since then, I participated in seminars in Israel and in Egypt, attending courses by the leading teachers.

Belly Dancer – Why?
Because when I belly dance, I release the deep energies hidden within – I let Simona Guzman out!

My belly dances harmoniously and sensuously merge with the various rhythms and melodic musical instruments, and my repertoire consists of different Middle Eastern dance styles, including: classical dance, Baladi, Saidi, stick dancing, scarf dancing and Isis wings.

To view my dancing styles, visit my YouTube site at

Belly Dancer – Performances
When I belly dance, I express the essence of the dance, with all of its wealth and the abundance. It is in this spirit that I create an authentic and enchanted experience in my shows, taking the audience on a fascinating trip through the scents and spices of oriental aromas and flavors.

Every one of my encounters with the audience becomes an unforgettable experience filled with surprises!

As a veteran performer, I relate to any kind of event and create my own intriguing choreography. In addition to performing at many private events, I appeared in "A Woman's Dream" at Inbal Theater of Dance at Suzanne Dellal, in the "Storytellers' Festival" with Yossi Alfi, at the Belly Dancing Festival at the Dead Sea, in "Flower to Rose" at Suzanne Dellal and in many other large scale shows.

To read more about me and view a wide variety of belly dancers from around the world, please visit and discover an entire world of belly dancing and belly dancers.

Belly Dance Instruction – A few words
In recent years, after many women have discovered the joy of dancing, research was conducted on the subject and belly dancing was found to have medical advantages, in addition to the pleasure. Belly dancing tightens the abdominal and hip muscles, reduces back pain, prevents osteoporosis, helps with childbirth and causes an increase in serotonin and nor adrenaline levels – the hormones responsible for good moods. Belly dancing puts us in touch with our feminine side and enhances our self confidence.

I teach belly dancing to women of all ages – ranging from high school students to pensioners.

The classes are offered privately, at "Studio C" at "Derech Haim House" and Beit Danny in Tel Aviv and in many other locations.

Belly dancing performances in Israel and abroad.
Belly dancing at parties, weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.
Belly dancing at bachelorette parties and ladies' nights in which I teach all of the women and together, we all belly dance.
Surprise parties, henna ceremonies and/or wedding night performances.
Instructing brides who wish to surprise their grooms with a belly dance at the henna ceremony and/or wedding night.

A performance of several belly dancers and authentic musicians is available.
To book a belly dancer for a bachelorette party or other events, contact | 0506-550228
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